A Buzzfeed video I wrote and appear in for Comcast.

Video for the Haas Avocado Board

Talking to young kids about healthy eating! 

The Week's weed-related headlines.

More of the week's weed-related headlines

One of eight cities visited for our Ford YouTube series, "Taste Buds Travel."

Krissy and Jessica explore.. their home town, LA! They visit: Echo Park boutique Myrtle, hip new restaurant Marvin, and Face Haus facial bar. 

Our second city in "Taste Buds Travel," sponsored by Ford.

Krissy and Jess head north to San Francisco to see Proxy Project, Stuff! Vintage and dumping hotspot Chino. 

Our third of eight cities visited during "Taste Buds Travel."

In Portland, Krissy and Jess visit The Edgefield, Besaw's restaurant and a vintage shop inside a '60s double-decker bus, called Lodekka! 

The fourth city on our eight city roadtrip!

Krissy and Jessica make it to the South and visit the restaurant Olamaie, get their nails done by the owner of Nails Ya'll!, and go shopping at Olive. 

Music City time!

The music heart of the South delivers all kind of fun as Krissy and Jess visit Hey Rooster General Store, Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Factory and the Sutler Saloon.

In our fifth city, the Taste Buds get wild in the Big Easy

In NOLA, Krissy and Jess learn how to make craft tiki drinks at Cane & Table and take a workout class at the historic New Orleans Athletic Club!

In our seventh stop, we celebrate the Windy City!

It's cold and delightful in Chicago, where Krissy and Jess see the avant garde performance "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind," eat ramen at the Furious Spoon and visit the local gift shop Neighborly. 

A last stop in Brooklyn means visiting some truly lovely spots.

Krissy and Jess learn how to make lattes at the flower shop/coffee shop Homecoming, visit the clothing store Brooklyn Tailors and eat a delicious italian dinner at Locanda Vini e Olli.

Sketch from the IFC show "The Birthday Boys" featuring Tia Carrere

Reunions can always be tough, especially when some of us have really married up. 

Gather the family for game night, it's Trump For President: The Board Game!

Oops, things seem to get a little risque at this picnic.

Comedy from the UCB's all female sketch team. 

It's super helpful when a man tells a woman to smile, right?

Comedy from the UCB's all-female sketch group, The Get Go. 

One lucky woman finds out she's the newest winner of the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes!

Comedy from the UCB's all-female sketch team, The Get Go. 

A date goes awry when some unexpected guests show up.

Sketch video by my all-female group from the UCB Theatre. 

You can learn a lot from mom.

Comedy from UCB's all-female sketch comedy group, The Get Go. 

Just like the Warrens from "The Conjuring" movies, this couple has some very eerie premonitions.

Comedy from the UCB's all female sketch team. 

A little peek into how the magic is made.

Comedy from the all-female sketch comedy group The Get Go. 

A series of sketches by my all-female comedy group from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in LA.

A live aftershow about AMC's The Talking Dead.

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